This surprised me the most at my wedding

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I'm OBSESSED with my rings in this photo. I mean, YES.

I'm OBSESSED with my rings in this photo. I mean, YES.

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Photography: Russie Denay Photography; Hair: Nicole Marie; Makeup: Emma Woods Beauty

It's so crazy to think that my wedding has already come and gone and we have been married for FIVE MONTHS today.  It truly boggles the mind.  It's so crazy looking back at the wedding photos and seeing US in them, because I looked for so long at other people's wedding photos trying to envision what my wedding would look and feel like, and now we have these beautiful images to reflect on.  I'm planning to slowly post more wedding photos as I have the time, because I want to share them with everyone! (Reminder: I have a full-time job and commute 2+ hours a day, so blogging isn't my only job, though a girl can dream, right?)

Now let's get down to what the title of this post seeks to address. One thing that surprised me at my wedding. 

The thing that surprised me the most at my wedding was the calmness I felt the entire day, and my ability to truly remember each moment that passed and reflect and appreciate it. 

I legit was a hot mess prior to the wedding, so many nerves, expectations and anxiety that led up to the big day. Primarily, I was more focused on other people having fun and seeing my vision, but at the end of the day, I wish I'd just let loose a little bit more and not really put as much of my energy into focusing on what other people needed or wanted. 

To my surprise, the day of the wedding I felt pretty fucking calm. Like, I don't know how that switch flipped, but I was just so HAPPY. Getting my hair done, and my makeup done, and seeing all my best friends around me getting ready made me the happiest I've ever felt. And knowing that Saf was down the way getting in his suit and writing his vows made me so excited. 

At our wedding, I truly feel like I have a vivid recollection of so many things throughout the day. I remember the way the shadows of the clouds were moving on the putting green outside of our window, I remember the sound of the doors shutting in the rooms as we were getting ready and the door to the elevator. I remember seeing people's expressions as I walked down the aisle, I remember sitting at dinner and looking out at our guests and feeling an overwhelming sense of appreciation for every single butt in a chair. I remember feeling sort of silly taking photos on the grass because I was dead sober and wanted to talk with my guests and not take photos (for once). It's such an odd concept when people tell you that the day will truly fly by before you know it. 

It's sort of sad afterwards too, because you plan for SO long, and then it's suddenly gone and you're left feeling like something is missing, somehow. You want to relive the day and night and experience that feeling all over again. 

My biggest piece of advice for brides planning or nearing their wedding, is to really get into the spirit of being the bride. I was so concerned for how everyone else was feeling that I was almost unable to truly let myself experience those feelings of elation and true happiness I felt being able to marry my best friend in the whole world. Give yourself that. 

Thanks to everyone for following along! 


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