New Name Who Dis

For those of you who aren't aware, I got married on April 8 to my best friend and couldn't be happier. The day was absolutely stunning, and it was incredible to see my vision come together. The colors, the people, everything about it was exactly as I'd envisioned. It rained in the morning and cleared up a few hours before our ceremony, which everyone said is good luck - and actually made us appreciate the event, the weather, and our union even more because it wasn't promised to go as we wanted based on circumstances outside of our control. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us all this time! 

Below, please find our wedding highlight video from our amazing videographer Paul Ortiz. If you're getting married soon and looking for a videographer, I highly recommend Paul.  His website is (we're currently occupying the home page, score!) and you can check out all of his videos on his Vimeo channel.

Let me know what you think of the video in the comments below!