Shit Kylie Says - Relationships + 10 years of dating!

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You guys, today is a super special weekend for Safi and me. Today is technically our TEN YEAR DATING ANNIVERSARY!! Ten years is such a HUGE milestone for us, and I'm sooooo excited to have reached this place together.  Stay tuned for some fun memories and '10 things' to commemorate our anniversary! 

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Here's my take on relationships right now, whether they be with friends or family. There is always time for fun, but I think honesty is so important.  I don't have the energy for fake friendships or relationships in my life at this point. Of course we always have friends where you're kind of a different type of person around them (your friends that like to party for instance, may bring out your party side, and vice versa) but at the end of the day, I hope that everyone gets to a stage in their relationship (particularly with your significant other), where you feel like you are completely yourself and have the same love and support you give back. 

I can honestly say that since the first time Safi and I started hanging out - what you saw was what you got with me! (and I think with him too). And luckily for me, he still loved me then (even though I was a hot mess at 19!!). It's pretty crazy to think that we met so long ago at a Hawaiian social between our two houses and now here we are.  I thought it'd be kind of fun to do a post where I list out 10 things about our relationship that are fun and that you may not know.  

Here goes.  

Ten things about our relationship 

1. Our first anniversary Safi flew me to LA to see my favorite singer

At the time, I was OBSESSED with Chris Brown. This was pre-Rihanna Chris Brown.  He was a heartthrob and there would be nights we would stay in and I'd have a few drinks and just start belting out Chris Brown.  Some of those songs still remind me of the fall of 2007.  He surprised me for our one year anniversary with a trip to Los Angeles, a trip to Disneyland (where there was fake snow and all!), floor level tickets at Chris Brown and some fun dinners.  What a keeper, amirite?!

2. Our first Valentine's Day together I got drunk before we even met up

This is a true story. I was nervous to go on our date for some reason (I knew I really liked him) and so before we even LEFT for dinner I took shots upstairs at Alpha Phi and then we went to dinner.  I remember LOVING my meal too and for some reason was super hungry so when he didn't finish his meal, my drunk ass did. #love

3. When I first met Safi I spelled his name "Saffy" like Taffy in my phone, so when we first make intros, if I can tell someone doesn't know word or name we're saying when I introduce him, I say, "Safi like Taffy" and then they get it! 

The night we first met I was super confused as to how to spell his name. I'd never heard his name before and the only word I knew that was similar was taffy, so I spelled it that way and had to ask another girl in Alpha Phi to spell his name for me so that when we text I didn't spell his name wrong. 

4. I never was afraid to text him first

To be totally honest, throughout our entire relationship, I don't ever remember being afraid to text him first or fearing he wouldn't respond. With every single other person I dated, we played games back and forth and it was always some sort of a competition about who text the most, who waited the longest to text back, etc. However, with Safi, there were never any games or ill-will between us at all. We respected each other too much for that and it's one of my favorite things about our relationship. 

5. Our five year anniversary we went to Hawaii together and so many people were convinced we'd get engaged, and we didn't ! 

I vividly remember, I was working my very first PR job ever and everyone was saying that he was going to propose to me. I knew deep down it wasn't the right time for it, I was only about 23 anyways, and we still had time, even though we knew we wanted to be together. It was SUCH a fun trip! We went to Mama's Fish House, laid by the pool, had SO many lava flows and just truly enjoyed ourselves. It was pretty much our first 'far' trip together by ourselves with no friends or family and it I made a scrapbook after that trip I still love looking at today. 

6. I did not really know what Afghan meant, nor did I understand anything about the culture the night that we met. 

Safi always teases me that I didn't know what "Afghan" was. To be totally honest, I kind of didn't. I kind of clumped a bunch of middle eastern cultures together and never really took the time to understand the differences. I'd also never tried the food before, and my god, I'm obsessed with it now! The best rice in the world! I know a few phrases and a good amount of words in Farsi now too, but I'm nowhere near fluent. 

7. The first time I ever ate at an Afghan restaurant with Safi was after we were at the beach, I was in a horribly revealing little beach dress and was SO uncomfortable I could kill him. 

This makes me laugh but also makes me horribly uncomfortable to remember haha. Safi and I were in Santa Cruz for a beach day and were coming back to Fremont to drop him off or something (I don't totally remember the details), and we stopped by one of his favorite Afghan restaurants to eat.  I remember exactly what I was wearing. It was a stretchy beach dress with a tight strip around the legs, criss cross back, and super v-neck low cut in the front.  We walked in and everyone just started staring at me. I had on sandals and my hair up too, so there was absolutely no modesty in my outfit at all. I felt SO RUDE and disrespectful going in there like that, but we ate and then left. I still am pissed off at him for taking me there in that outfit! I have more respect than that! 

8. We got our baby, Harlowe, together 8 and a half years ago already! 

About a year and a half into our relationship, I was obsessed with the idea about getting a dog. I don't know why to be totally honest, considering we did not live together, and neither of us lived in a place that could have dogs. We were planning on getting a bulldog puppy together, but they were SO expensive and we couldn't swing it. We actually ended up getting Harlowe for a 'discount' price because she's pure bred and has a great family-line. I ended up talking the breeder down $400 after proving to him that she would be our little baby and we'd take the best care of her ever. Glad he agreed! 

9. We have a hard time remembering all of the anniversaries we've spent together and where we went, what we did, and which year was which

This is SO true. Ten years went by so fast that sometimes when we're counting down what we did for each, we can barely remember

10. In each of our vows, we both started off by saying, "Today, I've loved you for XX days," - without knowing that the other person had planned to do it! Also, bonus: we both wrote our vows the morning of our wedding

This was one of the most hilarious part of our vows. I really wanted our vows to be "us."  We laughed, we cried, our guests did the same, and it was just FUN.  I didn't want super serious vows or super religious vows that would leave our guests bored and counting down the seconds until they could go inside and drink.  It was SO hilarious to both of us when I started reading my vows after Safi that we started the same way. The best part was that we each had different numbers because we counted differently (one of us counted from the day we met, and the other from the day we started dating). 

We're spending the weekend in Park City, Utah this weekend so please send any recommendations our way and thanks for celebrating with us!