Shit Kylie Says - Topic: Getting Older

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Today's post is talking about getting older. It's on my head a lot lately because our new house is supposed to ready in June next year, and that's also the same month as my 30th birthday. It's such an odd concept for me that both of those huge milestones are slated for the same month.  Of all of the months throughout the entire year, I can't believe that I could be facing two huge ones at once. 

It's made me think a lot about getting older.  I've also been thinking about my grandma who passed away a lot too with the holidays. I miss her SO much and feel like there are so many stories I should have asked her, so many memories of her life she probably had to share that I'll never know about.  It makes me so sad to think about.  It's crazy for me to think that she lived without her husband (he passed before I was born) for nearly 30 years,  and was always such a glamorous and loving soul.  She barely ever left the house without mascara and lipstick, and that's something I think about all the time if I'm planning to leave the house without makeup.  I actually started doing this when I'm going for a 'no makeup' look and need to get out the door quickly.  She was such a wonderful person and woman,  and she lived to be almost 93.  Thinking about how fast time has gone for me the past year alone, it's insane to think that all of my experiences have led me to this very place I am today, and that I still have so many memories left to be made, so many decisions to ponder about, and so many things that have yet to happen. 

As I'm getting older, it's very clear to me a few things that have changed about myself over the past five to ten years.  I don't think I'm as irrational or quick to jump to assumptions (although I still struggle with this ALL the time),  and I think I realize now that people truly can't read your mind - you need to tell people everything you want them to know.  How you want to be treated, what you expect of them, how you like to communicate, and more. 

I think one goal I'd like to set for myself in the next year is to be more mindful to the things that make me happy outside of what I can get from someone else or something.  I want to find something that makes me happy for my soul.  (Outside of spray tanning) My goal is to find something that is not vain, but seems selfless and brings me happiness! Here's to another year of getting older (I guess), and here's to Botox and fillers for hoping we never look it! 

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