Shit Kylie Says - New Year's Resolutions

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Every year I think I make a New Year's resolution to eat better, be more fit, work out more - and generally - look prettier. While those are still goals of mine of course (who doesn't want to look good), I don't want to make something that superficial as a 'resolution' for the New Year. 

Since I just bought a house and it's still being built, I think one of my resolutions is to be better saving money and to not spend as much on things I truly don't need that don't serve a purpose outside of vanity. I still will shop and buy clothing, makeup, etc., but I want to be more strategic about how I'm spending money on those things and why. If I invest in statement bag or coat that will last me multiple years, that is worth it to me.  Same with a good pair of shoes. But I usually shop pretty affordably so that I can have AS MUCH SHIT as possible, and I'm kind of over that to be honest! (Husband will for sure tell you otherwise).  

I think one resolution I want to start up in the New Year (especially once I have my own kitchen!) is showcasing more of my kitchen skills. I love to cook, create recipes and generally, make yummy things. I never document them though because my Instagram feed is more focused on fashion and lifestyle. I want to find a way to really define the 'Tan & Wild' brand and make it something more exciting for me and what I love, versus trying to take outfit photos on my one or two days off for the sake of doing that because I call myself a 'blogger.' I want this to have more purpose for me than that, and I think that means updating some of my content to reflect what I DO want to spend time doing (I love styling, don't get me wrong), but cooking brings me joy, so I want that to be a larger focus in the New Year. 

Since my degree is in Psychology, I am always fascinated by why people do what they do. I think reviewing that in regards to resolutions is super intriguing. Think about what your resolutions have been in years past and ask yourself why this year, and maybe switch it up.

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MUCH LOVE 2017!  

PS. Since I'll most likely be staying cozy throughout the break (we're off from now until Jan. 2nd at work!) I wanted to include some of my favorite cozy items I've got on my wishlist for my new home next year (and ok, for me too). Take a peek and let me know what are your favorites!