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Welcome back to The Saturday Series! Today I'm going to share 10 things about myself that you (my reader) may not know about me. Through this post, I'm hoping to share a bit of insight into my personality and who I am - that may give you some more reason to stay tuned and follow along with Tan & Wild in the future. Also, feel free to hit the 'home' button on my page and scroll all the way to the bottom and enter your information in 'Subscribe' so that you can get a notification in your inbox when we have new content for you to view! Also feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook

Let's get started. 

1. I thought I didn't need to go to college for a while

I honestly thought I'd be famous or something and that I would not need to go to college. How the Kardashians are living - yeah, I thought that was in the cards for me. How wrong I was !! It was kind of a joke, I always wanted to go to college, but I vividly remember one day when my mom was like "that's a great backup plan but you're going to college." Anyways, here we are :) 

2. I've been planning baby names since I was old enough to write

Yes, I'm a freak, I realize that.  I don't know why, but I've always had a fascination with baby names. When one of my mom's skating students was pregnant when I was little, I wrote her about 20+ names to 'choose' from while she was considering her daughter's new name. I think I had a fascination with this because while browsing a baby book of mine when I was little, my mom spelled my name differently than it is and when I asked why she said, "you were new!" 

3. I love to sing but have always been too nervous to sing in front of people

I am not the best singer in the world, or the worst (or maybe I am, but no one has told me that yet); but I have always been very afraid to sing in public. This is something I have on my bucket list to do before I die (sing in public). 

4. My favorite color is yellow - but pink, purple and blue are close seconds, thirds and fourths

I don't actually have much yellow stuff, but whenever I think about my favorite color I always think about yellow. It's a very specific yellow though. Like the kind of yellow you'd wear with leopard print.  Perhaps it'd more of a gold that I love (which is likely not so surprising since I love a golden bronze glow for my tan) 

5. The one place I'm dying to visit is Paris

As you can see from my series photo post, it's a photo of Paris. I don't know why, but for as long as I can remember I've had a serious fascination with Paris. Everything about the photos just makes me feel like that's where I'm meant to be. Once I finally do get over to Paris, I have a feeling that I will never want to leave, and that'd be just fine! The feminism, vibe, food and wine, and architecture just make me so happy. 

6. I want to retire by the beach

I love the ocean. I love Hawaii, and I've said countless times that I'd move there. Even though I live in California, I don't live super close to the beach and have to travel to get to one. Being by the beach just changes my whole demeanor. I love the grey skies that come with living by a beach and the occasionally windy weather. I love the breeze and the sounds, and the way that it makes me feel. Adding in 'notes to Safi' that he has this bullet memorized for one day. 

7. I always thought I'd have kids by now

Growing up, being 29 sounded super old to me. I remember being a teenager and meeting people in their 20s and thinking like oh they still good. And now here I am, almost 30, and hoping to God that I still look young enough to be under 30! 

8. I've been dying my hair since middle school and am somewhat unclear what my natural color even is

I had a very bad experience with Sun-In that I bought from Limited Too (sidebar, remember Limited Too?!) when I was in middle school that started this entire saga. It was truly a saga too, a dramatic one at that. I was a fool and even though my hair was becoming somewhat darker brown, I had always wanted to be blonde. I thought I should be blonde, and I thought my blonde friends got more attention me - so naturally I was like, 'ok, must be blonde.' Again, fool. So I put Sun-In over my entire head, laid out in the backyard the entire day, and was SHOCKED when my hair was by no means blonde afterwards, but a hideous orange that I had to cover up right away. 

9. I can watch The Holiday, It's Complicated and Something's Gotta Give on fucking loop

This is v true. In college, I couldn't fall asleep without the TV on, and these movies were on LOOP in my room. I still will watch these movies whenever I'm feeling like I need something nostalgic 

10. I used to have a modeling contract

When I was little I was basically a child star. I also worked on a movie that was directed by the same director who directed all of the above movies, so that's pretty much why I have a soft spot for her movies and always find them comforting 

Thanks so much for following along! 

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