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Today, we are talking marriage. 

Now that I'm officially married after almost 10 years of dating, one question I get all the time is: "So how is married life now?

Like, ok, what answer are you looking for? While I realize this is likely just a polite question to start conversation, what are people thinking might come to the surface here? "Oh, well since you asked.." and then a long monologue?  Are they hoping it's worse than theirs, or that someone is happy in theirs? I'm never quite sure but I am nearly positive I'm completely overthinking this.

One thing that being married has made me think about that I never really considered before is this:

Every single marriage is SO different, and once you get married, you may start comparing your 'marriage' to others'. 

This may not be a surprise to some of you that are married. Duh, every marriage is different you fool. But after thinking about marriage for so many years, this honestly never came up in my mind (which is surprising because I thought about a shit load of possibilities about what marriage would feel/be like).  

I never really felt like Safi and I were 'coupling' when we hung out with other couples. Saf and I are just so natural together, he's truly my best friend ever in all of the world, so even if we were around other couples, I never considered how our relationship might be for others to be around (disclaimer: we're not super PDA-y or anything, and most of the time we end up kind of doing our own thing at events); but now, it is something I consider. 

Since we're still shacking up with our roommates (aka my parents), we haven't really figured out what married life will be like since we haven't been a 'typical' married couple starting this journey together on our own. BUT, I am so excited to see what this is like once we move into our new home!! EEK!! 

So all in all, marriage, it's a weird concept.  I was always someone that thought about marriage a lot when I was growing up. I legit wrote my first name next to the last name of EVERY guy I ever liked to weigh the pros and cons of potentially taking that person's last name. (Freak).  I vividly remember when I was growing up that I didn't understand that my parents weren't a family their whole lives - that they were at times separate kids, living separate lives, in separate parts of the world before they had me. I just assumed they were just always 'my parents.' That aspect fascinated me and I'm not totally sure why. Since everyone grows up differently, with different emphases on certain aspects of 'family,' that always seemed like a potentially difficult road to navigate once you joined two families together and had children.  

That's all for another discussion, let me tell you - but I can't wait to share more about the marriage journey through this series and on my blog in the future.

What are your thoughts about the series, and about marriage in general? Feel free to leave your questions or thoughts in the comment and I will answer them in a new post on the series! 

XOXO - thanks for following along! 

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