Causwell's + This Weekend's Brunch

One of my favorite spots to eat in the Marina is at Causwell's.  

I was so excited when it opened because I love the concrete decor, the open seating arrangements and most of all, the fun, eclectic menu. 

My favorite item on the menu is the house made ricotta with homemade lavash and honey. It's perfectly sweet and savory at the same time and we have to ask for extra lavash chips every time so we can make the dish last as long as possible. 

This place was recently rated by Thrillist as one of the best burgers in the world as well. That, you cannot beat. My boyfriend is the biggest burger fan (we used to go to fancy restaurants and I'd get a nice piece of steak or something and he would get a burger or mac and cheese!). This burger tastes like a sophisticated Big Mac - I'm in. Only on occasion. 

If you have no brunch plans this weekend, you should definitely stop by (make a reservation!) and try this place out. Its quaint, the service is always great and the brandy waffles are a must try. (So are the chilaquiles). 

If you don't have brunch plans yet for today, get online and make a reservation here. I swear you won't regret it.