Brunch in a Tavern in North Beach

This past weekend, I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a fun Saturday morning/afternoon brunch because we've both been working really hard and have rarely spent any time together. 

Also, this past Sunday was officially 8 years to the day that we first met in college in 2007 at a party between his fraternity and my sorority - good times! (PS: I miss college). 

As you can see from the photo above, the setting for this restaurant is absolutely beautiful, it feels old-worldly and is a classic building in North Beach across from Washington Square Park that you can't possibly miss. To the right across the street (the building where the street lights are bright is a place called Tony's pizza, they're famous and a must-try if you're visiting the area). 

The brunch menu features so many delicious options, we went with the avocado toast as our appetizer (I also paired it with a mimosa of course) and then we got the iron-clad farm fresh baked eggs (no ham) and a heaping mound of delicious pancakes, which I didn't get a photograph of because we were so ravished and dug right in. 

While we live in a small apartment in San Francisco, I love the architecture of so many of the restaurants. The inside of the building is designed beautifully, it feels homey and also just feels so classic and rustic, it's a restaurant that every time I enter I feel like I want to hire the designer when we finally buy a house! 

What are some of your favorite brunch spots in San Francisco?