Saturday in Sonoma

One of my favorite things to do is go wine tasting. Growing up, my family and our family friends would pile us kids in the big van, head to Napa or Sonoma, and while the parents would be inside wine tasting the kids would be outside playing in the dirt and grass, using our imaginations to keep ourselves busy. I'm so lucky that we were able to experience that without having cell phones and the number of tech products kids have nowadays. We were so creative! 

This past weekend, my boyfriend and our two friends headed to Sonoma for a last-minute trip to enjoy the beautiful day (weather was well over 80 degrees). Our first stop was at Gloria Ferrer - known for sparkling wine. This is one of the views when you get there. It's so beautiful and lush. 

Rather than having a walk-up tasting bar area, Gloria Ferrer just remodeled their entire patio area making it double the size and allowing guests to sit and enjoy themselves on a covered patio with a number of tables and chairs to taste with a server. This might actually be preferable to some, particularly at crowded places where it can be hard to get the attention of the person pouring for you. 

I was Snapchatting throughout the day to capture our adventure, and got a few texts about the lipstick color I was wearing, so I wanted to add a photo of it in the blog so that everyone could see. I actually got this color in my recent Birchbox, and love it. It's really long-lasting and stays nearly all day. 

Towards the end of the day, we headed to this secret spot (not so secret, there were tourists everywhere and the wind was no joke) that had the most amazing views of the Golden Gate bridge. As you can see below, it was just a tad bit windy (i.e. I look bald). 

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.50.34 AM.png