Kate Spade & First Days

Today I'm happy to announce that I've started a new job with an amazing company. 

The first day of any new job, project, etc. is always nerve racking, but I have to say, today went off  without a hitch. I brought pastries in (and even stole a chocolate croissant for myself before getting to the office), got put on an amazing team, and met a ton of great people, and we had lunch at Hakkasan where I've never eaten before and closed out our lunch with some delicious macarons. 

Taking a big step in your career is never easy, but one thing that I've learned as I've jumped a few jobs and realized what I like and dislike about certain places, is following your gut. 

I always question that feeling I have in my gut when I start to waver or contemplate making a big move, but so far, I've found that it's always been in my best interest and served me personally and professionally in the best way possible. 

These are just a few of the cute pink items I got for myself the day before my first day to sweeten the deal even more. 

Hope you are all pursuing your passions and excited about your futures, because I know I am! 

XX, Kylie