The Warming Hut & a Hike


Can we take a moment of silence for this turkey sandwich from The Warming Hut in the Presidio right off Chrissy Field? It's filled with turkey, brie, cranberry sauce and lettuce and wrapped in a soft sourdough roll. 

As you know by know, I live near the Presidio, and when I do my Sunday SF Best walks we typically end up one of two places, in the Presidio exploring new streets and buildings or at the Golden Gate Bridge (ok or on Union shopping at Lululemon, Lorna Jane or at a wine bar, I've already divulged too much)

Sometimes (most times) I am generally shocked at the beauty of San Francisco, this place is unreal. And can we talk about Harlowe too, how damn cute is she?  Next time you think of pitbull, think of this pretty little face! 


Tan & wild