Sunday SF Best Walk to the Golden Gate Bridge

Every weekend, my SF bestie Erin and I hike (aka walk at a completely regular pace) to the Golden Gate Bridge for an urban hike through San Francisco. We often times go through the Presidio since my apartment is a mere block away from the entrance, and then to the peace-sign holding tourist-ville that is the Golden Gate bridge onlook. Below, you will see what a great day it was today for a walk to the bridge. 

Mind you, it was damn cold, but well worth it! Even though the fitness app I was using on my phone was sufficiently malfunctioning and continuously asking me if I was in fact, still exercising (I was) we had a great time! 

Before we began our walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, we walked the Lyon Street Steps. If you have never heard of these steps, that's not too surprising. They are INTENSE. We know because we almost needed to head back to my apartment for my Prilosec OTC before continuing on. Those steps are no joke. But look at the beautiful photo I captured as a result! 

We'll be reporting in next week as well, and I might even let her do a guest post! :)