Location: Healdsburg, CA 

Sweater: Nasty Gal, Coat: Lulu's, Hat: old but similar here, Leggings: Express, Boots: old but similar here, here and here, Gloves: Whitney Eve

A few weekends ago my fiancé and I traveled to Healdsburg, CA, which is a short distance away from Sonoma in Wine Country to check out a potential wedding venue! AH! So exciting! One of my colleagues told me that before or after our venue tour, we had to make a stop at this wonderful brunch spot called THE SHED. We did, and it was a place I felt like was out of "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep - it was amazing! 

As soon as you walk into THE SHED, you'll likely be surprised. I was anticipating THE SHED to look more like a regular restaurant, but as soon as you walk in it almost looks like an indoor farmer's market and boutique grocery shop. Unfortunately, on this particular day it was pouring, so we had to suit up! In the photo below, you can see that there's this big beautiful island in the middle of the store that greets guests as soon as you enter the property. 

Everything in here was boutique, and also expensive! Inside you can find kitchen utensils, jams, breads, cheeses, breads and so much more. Towards the back of the property is the restaurant that has big farm tables, and a wine and champagne bar where you can order brunch. One thing to note if you're ever looking to stop at THE SHED for brunch, you can only order alcohol at the bar behind the farm tables for brunch (that may come in handy for some!) 

Because of the weather, I chose to cover my head with a cute floppy hat I've worn before in this post, my Lulu's pink jacket I've worn in this post, in addition to new Express faux leather leggings and some nice black boots that can almost double as rain boots. I also wore these cute little Whitney Eve gloves that came in my FabFitFun box - I've gotten so many compliments on them already! 

I love farm fresh food to table restaurants, and I love that you can buy things here at THE SHED to bring with you to picnic outside or elsewhere near the area, as there are so many options everyone in your group will feel satisfied! 

I have been kind of obsessed with my engagement ring ever since Safi asked me to be his wife on the 12th, and so of course I had to get a photo of my ring and my cute little Whitney Eve gloves before we ordered brunch. The menu thankfully was somewhat small which is great for people like me that have a hard time making decisions. Just wait until you scroll down and see what we ordered! 

Safi ordered the most delicious looking hot chocolate in the WORLD, while I got a nonfat latte to accompany my brunch. We were starving (well, I was starving) so we ordered something to share ahead of our individual items. 

Above, you'll see the most delicious roasted potatoes in the world, with tomato spread and basil. It was ABSOLUTELY incredible. I would recommend this 100%. 

This was the toast I got. I'M SORRY. It had roasted mushrooms with arugula and olives and perfectly poached eggs. 

My fiancé got this incredible buckwheat waffle with syrup and raspberry jam - I tried it and I can report that it was worth it. You won't regret it. 


Marin Headlands, 12/12/15

Outfit Details: Cape: Nasty Gal, White Sweater: Forever21, Jeans: 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Skinny Jeans, Boots: H&M

Saturday - December 12, 2015 

8:00 AM: Safi and I wake up to take Harlowe for a walk early so that we can get on the road for a day of wine tasting in Napa to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. We'd been planning the whole week to go to Wine Country to celebrate and were so glad that the rain had subsided for our drive there. 

Around 10:00 AM: We head out on our way, me thinking that we're en route to brunch at noon in Napa and then off to some wineries to celebrate. As we're driving along, I'm Snapchat-ing away the beautiful bridge. Then Safi pulls off the road at the exit for the Marin Headlands overlook, which gives you views of the entire city from Alcatraz all the way to the Sunset and beyond. We could locate where we lived, see the mountains and the bridge clearly. 

As soon as he pulled off the road I freaked out inside. I knew, this is going to happen, right NOW. I was so nervous inside I couldn't handle it so as soon as we parked the car I just jumped out! I started Snapchat-ing the view and waited for Safi to get out of the car. He was taking forever! 

Apparently, he had his friend sneakily park there hours before us and he snuck over to the car to grab my camera out of the backseat, knowing what was coming next. 

Safi and I stand on the lookout, talking about the landmarks we see and just admiring the beautiful view. Then we're silent and I feel as if my heart might burst out of my chest. And being the impatient person I am, I ask, "well, are we good to go? let's head to brunch!" Safi asked me right then. He pulled out the most beautiful, stunning ring and right then and there our 8 year relationship flashed before my eyes and we went from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancés. My heart felt the most full it's ever been in my entire life. Not only was it stunning and so shiny, he designed it himself without any help from my friends or family, he designed it specifically based on what he thought felt like, "Me" - so there isn't another ring out there exactly like mine - which makes it so much more special to me. 

10:30 AM: We drive back to our apartment, because Safi forgot his wallet due to his nerves. 

10:35AM: My parents greet us at our apartment steps with flowers, a big bottle of champagne, pastries and balloons of congratulations. Then my sister, her boyfriend, and Safi's closest friends greet us with a huge bouquet of flowers and cards, all here to celebrate out engagement. Safi tricked me to bring us home, and turns out we still had plans to go to Napa! 

The rest of the day felt like a complete whirlwind. Safi booked brunch for us at Brix Restaurant in Napa (it was delicious), and then we went to Jessup Cellars for a private tasting and then to Kathryn Hall to close out the night. My mom, dad, sister, her boyfriend and Safi and I all went to a family dinner afterwards. 

It was the most special day of my life so far, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us from the very beginning of our relationship, everyone that reached out with a phone call, a sweet text or a nice message on Facebook and more - it means the world to us and we are so excited to continue this exciting chapter of our lives together. 


Causwell's + This Weekend's Brunch

One of my favorite spots to eat in the Marina is at Causwell's.  

I was so excited when it opened because I love the concrete decor, the open seating arrangements and most of all, the fun, eclectic menu. 

My favorite item on the menu is the house made ricotta with homemade lavash and honey. It's perfectly sweet and savory at the same time and we have to ask for extra lavash chips every time so we can make the dish last as long as possible. 

This place was recently rated by Thrillist as one of the best burgers in the world as well. That, you cannot beat. My boyfriend is the biggest burger fan (we used to go to fancy restaurants and I'd get a nice piece of steak or something and he would get a burger or mac and cheese!). This burger tastes like a sophisticated Big Mac - I'm in. Only on occasion. 

If you have no brunch plans this weekend, you should definitely stop by (make a reservation!) and try this place out. Its quaint, the service is always great and the brandy waffles are a must try. (So are the chilaquiles). 

If you don't have brunch plans yet for today, get online and make a reservation here. I swear you won't regret it. 

Brunch in a Tavern in North Beach

This past weekend, I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a fun Saturday morning/afternoon brunch because we've both been working really hard and have rarely spent any time together. 

Also, this past Sunday was officially 8 years to the day that we first met in college in 2007 at a party between his fraternity and my sorority - good times! (PS: I miss college). 

As you can see from the photo above, the setting for this restaurant is absolutely beautiful, it feels old-worldly and is a classic building in North Beach across from Washington Square Park that you can't possibly miss. To the right across the street (the building where the street lights are bright is a place called Tony's pizza, they're famous and a must-try if you're visiting the area). 

The brunch menu features so many delicious options, we went with the avocado toast as our appetizer (I also paired it with a mimosa of course) and then we got the iron-clad farm fresh baked eggs (no ham) and a heaping mound of delicious pancakes, which I didn't get a photograph of because we were so ravished and dug right in. 

While we live in a small apartment in San Francisco, I love the architecture of so many of the restaurants. The inside of the building is designed beautifully, it feels homey and also just feels so classic and rustic, it's a restaurant that every time I enter I feel like I want to hire the designer when we finally buy a house! 

What are some of your favorite brunch spots in San Francisco? 

Saturday in Sonoma

One of my favorite things to do is go wine tasting. Growing up, my family and our family friends would pile us kids in the big van, head to Napa or Sonoma, and while the parents would be inside wine tasting the kids would be outside playing in the dirt and grass, using our imaginations to keep ourselves busy. I'm so lucky that we were able to experience that without having cell phones and the number of tech products kids have nowadays. We were so creative! 

This past weekend, my boyfriend and our two friends headed to Sonoma for a last-minute trip to enjoy the beautiful day (weather was well over 80 degrees). Our first stop was at Gloria Ferrer - known for sparkling wine. This is one of the views when you get there. It's so beautiful and lush. 

Rather than having a walk-up tasting bar area, Gloria Ferrer just remodeled their entire patio area making it double the size and allowing guests to sit and enjoy themselves on a covered patio with a number of tables and chairs to taste with a server. This might actually be preferable to some, particularly at crowded places where it can be hard to get the attention of the person pouring for you. 

I was Snapchatting throughout the day to capture our adventure, and got a few texts about the lipstick color I was wearing, so I wanted to add a photo of it in the blog so that everyone could see. I actually got this color in my recent Birchbox, and love it. It's really long-lasting and stays nearly all day. 

Towards the end of the day, we headed to this secret spot (not so secret, there were tourists everywhere and the wind was no joke) that had the most amazing views of the Golden Gate bridge. As you can see below, it was just a tad bit windy (i.e. I look bald). 

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.50.34 AM.png